eKomi-Connector Manual

Thank you for installing our eKomi-Connector App for SEOshop / Lightspeed! We hope that you will enjoy this app. In this documentation you will find everything you need to know to use the app.


After choosing the app from the SEOshop store you will get an email with the log in details for the configuration page („dashboard“) of the app. However, you will be logged in automatically after installing and as long as you access the dashboard from the SEOshop backoffice. Nevertheless, you still have the option to access the dashboard directly with any browser. In that case you will need the log in details from the aforementioned email.


The first two fields are for your eKomi Interface ID and Interface Password. After having signed up with eKomi you should have been provided with those. Otherwise the very friendly eKomi support will be more than happy to help you. Please note, that those are not the login credentials you use to login into your eKomi account! Please enter your eKomi Interface ID and your Interface Password in the relevant fields.

Below the eKomi Interface details are the settings for the app. On the left is the panel for the product ratings import (‘Import new product ratings’). You can activate or deactivate the automatic import of new product ratings by (un-)checking that box. The box is checked by default. The dropdown menu allows you to set your preferred format for names as they will be displayed in your shop. The default is Firstname Lastname, i.e. ‘John Doe’, but there are several other options available:

OptionDisplayed Name
do not import(names won’t be imported)
Firstname Lastname (default)John Doe
Firstname L.John D.
F. Lastname J. Doe
 F. L. J. D.
Lastname FirstnameDoe John
Lastname F.Doe J.
L. Firstname D. John
 L. F. D. J.


Note that the app does only import newer ratings. Should you encounter any difficulties while importing your ratings please contact our support.

On the right side you will find the settings for the ratings emails (‘send ratings emails’). As with the settings for the product ratings import you can use the checkbox to activate or deactivate this component. You can activate and deactivate both components independently. The dropdown menu sets the number of days which will pass between the shipment of an order and sending the rating email to the customer. The default is 7, the other options are 3, 14, 21, 28, 30, 60 or 90 days. The other two fields define the email address and the email sender which will be displayed to your customers in the emails sent by the app.

After having set all options to the desired values, click ‘save’. Please don’t forget to log out when you are finished.


Although we do hope that you will never feel the need to do this: The app can be uninstalled conveniently and easily through the SEOshop backoffice.


What can be a reason that URLs are generated, but eKomi doesn´t receive reviews?

A possible and usual reason is that the email template inside the eKomi account is not defined. After you define the template, we’ll send out the emails, so the buyers will be able to review the products.


Can the connector show the reviews in frontend?

Basically the connector just imports the reviews from eKomi to your shop. But it´s not scope of the plugin to show the reviews in frontend that must be handled independently. We would like to you out for showing the review in frontend – just message us!


Please use [email protected] to clarify questions, which are not answered in the documentation.

Thank you!